the windows.

some pictures of windows.

the teacups.
the construction.
the rose.
the gallery.
the photographer.


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the dormant.

the past couple of days have been heavy-laden with schoolwork and late nights. apologies for not posting.

monday -> we visited the sutton hoo exhibit at the british museum. not nearly enough time… i think i stood at one case for like half an hour. there’s really just no getting around how intricate and beautiful those artifacts are. our class time was spent sitting in a circle outside, sharing the things we’d learned from our assigned readings. perfect. really, this is just the only way to do classes. if you ever, ever, ever get the chance to study abroad, take it. i promise you’ll learn and fall in love with learning itself.

tuesday -> caught the sunrise. it ate up the sky and painted it with winter feather clouds. full day of classes. went to the national portrait gallery, and the artwork blew my mind. there are really incredible people that blew my preconceptions about the national ‘portrait’ gallery out the window. definitely thought it would be boring, definitely wasn’t. left. bought camping supplies for this weekend’s festival. then! we went to see ‘into the woods’ in the regent’s park open air theatre. only, tor and i went early and explored the park a little. we decided that it was completely and utterly heaven. there was a rose garden and an idyllic body of water with willows all around and flowers everywhere. the manicured paths, the benches, the carefully sculpted landscaping -> i decided that, as much, i’m sure, as i’ll enjoy wildness and exploration and the places i’ll find in between, what made it heavenly is the love that went into it. honestly, you could almost imagine a gardener, a tipped heart in hand, pouring love out and watching it cascade all over the soft hills and rose bushes. but the fact that someone picked weeds, even from between the tiniest of plants within the scope of that 410 acre park, wrapped itself around me like a blanket in that place. please do yourself the favor of checking out pictures online. of course, i haven’t even gotten to the play, which was in the open air theatre and a little cold at times. but we were bundled and so we comfortably watched ‘into the woods.’ tori noticed that they had built the stage around the trees. they worked with and within the nature of the park and it was spectacular. i don’t think i’ve ever been dying to run out and purchase the soundtrack to a musical before.

wednesday -> i can’t believe that wednesday is actually over. i think i only left the couch a few times today. too much reading for one brain.
1 -> lovely conversation with beca.
2 -> music throughout the day.
3 -> the sound of rain.
4 -> reading beowulf. quotes.
5 -> listening to music with suzi.
6 -> lovely conversation with beca.
7 -> prayers.
8 -> the pizza beck made for me.
9 -> study party with tori.
10 -> lovely conversation with beca.

the beginning.
the falling.
the cup.


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the market.

had a bit of a lazy sunday. slept in pretty well, then headed out for a market on brick lane. it was pretty impressive. we wandered all around, tried some of the food. i drank a brasilian energy drink and ate a crepe with nutella, banana and almonds. made a few small purchases… fun things mostly. everything on sale was pretty awesome. it was super-indie. had a wonderful conversation with tori on the tube ride back.

went grocery shopping, stocked up on nutella, of course. probably too many carbohydrates, too. they always seem to be cheaper. apple/pear juice. delicioso.

then church! it was wonderful–we saw pete greig speak and he talked about petitionary prayer. then we asked around for information on getting involved and signed up to learn about ‘pastorates,’ their small group type thing. really excited about it. tube ride back, some snacks, and now i’m with stefanie, megan, and tori in the conservatory (is this a game of clue?), studying. or maybe posting on this blog.

some pictures from the market:

the dresses.
the artwork.
the hipness.


p.s. interactive: if you want, in a comment, answer the question, “how would you go about finding community in a totally new place, nearly 7,000 kilometers from any community you’ve ever been in?” (yes, i’m trying to be all british and metric now… i gotta learn these things!)

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the city of brighton.

brighton. today. 10am. train. station. coffee. best friend game. vulnerability. confusion -> what stop do we get off at? wandering. photos. punk clothing store. tori -> raf jacket -> 20 pounds. walking. adoration. bookstore. lost. inside. bindings. pages. aged. beautiful. out. down. streets. art. oceanside. pebble beach. wind -> faces. resting. playing. cold. feet. tori -> wet shoes. stones. colours. pioneering. fish -> chips -> tartar. lilt. carousel. joy. beach. gazing. bride/groom -> carousel. pier. doughnuts. birds. children. freedom. largeness. shooting -> breeze. poses. rides. music. pause. rushing. royal palace. bathroom. rushing. passing. curtailing. station. on time. boarding. stillness. half/hour. delayed. resolved. rest. pictures. communication -> mr. daniel p. barnes. good. reading. editing.

the station.
the adoration.
the art.
the bindings.
the oceanside.
the stones.
the pioneering.
the carousel.
the bride/groom.
the pier.
the largeness.
the music.
the pause.
the royal palace.
the stillness.


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the bard.

we went to stratford upon avon today. the world was beautiful and a gift.
7:20am -> loaded onto the coach.
8:45am -> woke up to the sight of sheep. best thing to wake up to. maybe there is some of my mom in me after all. watched the countryside pass by.
9:00am -> arrived. walked to starbucks. recharged.
9:30am -> walked to the bard’s final resting place. observed. there was a thick sense of reverence, standing in holy trinity church near his bones.
10:23am -> on the way to shakespeare’s birthplace, stefanie was standing next to a window when someone accidentally broke it from the inside with a beam of wood. gave us all quite a start.
10:30am -> the place of shakespeare’s birth. saw his first folio in person. incredible. also loved knowing that keats, carlyle, twain, etc. had walked through his house too.
12:00pm -> finished tour. stefanie, remembering the wood/window incident, quoted: “what [wood] through yonder window breaks?” we had a good laugh, then purchased sandwiches. saw a street musician playing guitar with a sign that said “it’s not about the money.” he played “redemption song,” “maggie’s farm,” and “when the ship comes in.” -> died and went to heaven.
12:30 -> picnic lunch on the avon, across from the theater, and with the musician’s songs drifting in the air.
1:00pm -> as you like it begins. i eat nutella. we are delighted to discover that our beloved street musician is actually an actor with the royal shakespeare company and will be entertaining us as one of the lead roles in the play.
2:30pm -> intermission. i decide (don’t hate me) that stratford upon avon can’t wait. the sun is shining as i leave the theatre and set out to make my fortune with the small and valuable time i have left. without rushing, and between 2:30pm and 4:15pm, i:
.take a chain ferry across the avon
.lay in the grass beneath a willow tree (it felt like God’s hand was propped up on the fingers, encasing a pocket of secret refuge)
.visit a butterfly garden (saw a chameleon–high of the day?)
.hire out a rowboat
.visit a center for rubbings
.unknowingly miss the rest of the group’s departure
yes, the itinerary said 4:30pm, but the play let out at 4:00pm… upon making this discovery, i started running towards the coach station. panting, sweaty, trying to get across town, and pulling out my map periodically, i saw the coach in the distance. pursuit and near failure. luckily, he had to turn around and pass me on his way to the station, so i stopped him and hopped on. he was late too. jolly nice about it. learned a lot about the bus driver, steve’s, life in a short amount of time.
4:30pm -> we departed, finally, and passed miles of beautiful fields that called to my heart. conversations with stefanie.
6:50pm -> arrived at home. it felt like home for the first time. thought of “home,” by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.
the rest of the night involved dinner and laughter at flat 17 and watching some friends with tori.

the river.
the holiness.
the revolution.
the canopy of the hand of God.
the poppy.
the sage.
the vessel.


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the stars.

we saw stars in heaven tonight. “stars” is a band and “heaven” is the venue where we saw them. the atmosphere was incredible. it was underground and i think it might have been part of an old subway system. i felt part of london, like an underground punk rocker. they had roses covering the stage and would occasionally throw them out in the audience. beautiful group of people. “take me to the riot,” “one more night,” “your ex-lover is dead,” and more.
but… sorry. i don’t have any pictures -> they wouldn’t let me bring my camera in. it was “too big.”

i did go to russell square today and had some tea. i read some of 1st corinthians and it was very fruitful. beautiful place. met some bees there.

the shenanigans and hijinks took place later: before and after the show tonight.

the setting.
the tea.
the two new friends.
the spontaneous picture with the good result.
the shenanigans.
the hijinks.


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the carnival.

we went to a carnival in notting hill yesterday. it’s the second largest of it’s kind in the world. feasting and colors flooded the streets and there were powerful forces at work behind the muscles in my face -> i couldn’t help but smile. it inspired awe, seeing that many people dancing in the streets of london. what an event to be a part of. the world must have been shaking with fellowship and laughter.

the representation.
the preparation.
the feast.
the partaking.
the facade.
the wildness.
the afternoon.
the left behind.
the bonding.


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the airport.

as i’ve been lax, this blog will work retroactively. look at how i phrase things… they’ve already done a number on me, those charming brits.

welcome to thursday.

we flew during wednesday and got in around 7am (gmt) the next morning. each flight began in an exhilirating fashion and quickly deteriorated with every toss and turn of its sleepless passengers, scotty and tori. honestly, those blankets could hardly cover up a ridiculously small blanket. is that british humor? humour* -> i’ve got to start spelling with much more colour. most of the day was spent taking pictures and trying not to fall asleep. jet lag is a beast.

the airport.
the view.
“the rising sun.” -> the pub where i had fish & chips the first night.
the streets.


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to begin.

The Summer Day

Mary Oliver

Who made the world?
Who made the swan, and the black bear?
Who made the grasshopper?
This grasshopper, I mean-
the one who has flung herself out of the grass,
the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,
who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down-
who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes.
Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face.
Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away.
I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

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